Character Bios - Omi

- Omi -
:: Akutenshi Rave Queen ::

First Appearance: page 27

Don't let the packaging fool you; under Omi's exterior lies a skilled warrior and survivor.
She's high on the Akutenshi chain of command and well known and respected in her gang, as well as the Underground community. She tries her best to remain in good spirits in front of her comrades but is often hiding her feelings. In fact, it seems quite apparent even early on that Omi is doubting her stand on matters.
Regardless, she will not let her friends down. She's known mainly as a strong-spirited girl and seems to place a great deal of trust in Razi, almost a complete stranger.

Largely unknown.
She has some kind of connection to the Tenmei; particularly Kado, leader of it's elite Tendou team. Omi has dispalyed fierce martial art fighting skills, indicating years of practice.
She used to attend every rave event she could find, but now is seen only at most major parties. Some say she's addicted to escaping reality.
There's a lot of tension between her and Karen.




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