Character Bios - Razi
- Razi Oak a.k.a. Dave -
:: Discarded Dreamer ::

The proverbial 'hero' of the story. Razi isn't very emotional on the outside (or least tries not to be) nor does he seem as thrilled as his friends about re-entering the rave scene. He's a dreamer, lost in his written and drawn worlds. Running is no-longer an opiton for Razi and has decided to face his demons head-on.

Razi is student living in Oakville, a suburb of Toronto, but cannot stand his normal life. One year before he ran into Kado, Razi lost his girlfriend, who left on her own accord, but without knowing why. His only momento of her is her necklace, which she left with him. Ever since, he's lost his drive in life. He'd hoped that going out and partying could revitalize him, but is instead met with rival gangs that want him dead.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.