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>>something's going down in the toronto underground...

It wasn't long ago that the underground was the only scene in Canada's most multi-cultural city; but ever since the local legalization of government sanctioned parties, everything has started to change.

With the changes in the law, demand for the underground is surging. The pulse of the city is intensifying. If that we'ren't bad enough, the rest of the metropolis has started to decline as well;
Crime is on the rise, drugs are becoming harder to detect, produce and obtain, law enforcement's been slack, mad corporations are on the rise with hyper-development and the over-commericalization and privitazation of public property, and to top it all off, you just can't help but notice all those conspicuous gangs running around.
The population is at eachother's throats and it doesn't help that its getting harder and harder to find a good party these days...

The problems aren't so apparent in the mainstream; so when a group of suburban party goers decide to reinstate themselves into the underworld, they're doomed before they even get a chance to try. Maybe things changed more than they had thought while they were away...

Who are these mysterious gangs? What do they want with the partiers? And what's this 'noise' stuff everyone's talking about?
To find out, they'll have to hit the scene, before it hits them.

NetherOak Studios Presents
NetherOak: A (sub)Urban Adventure

Welcome to the Underground; where self-discovery is survival.

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