>>netheroak recommended soundtrack


>> netheroak recommended soundtrack listing <<

below is the recommended soundtrack listing for netherok.
these are the songs i was listening to when this was written, all those
years ago, so i'm aware some are old and corny.

:: chapter one - grab ::
2-5lustylambchapter intro
7-9happiness (underworld mix) front 242sad dave
10the movebeastie boyspicking up smitty
11-12notchthe kitchendave roller blading
18-19deport themsean paulbrad's house party
24freestylejurassic-5radek talks to seth
30batman themebatman tv showthe beamer takes off
33body rocshimon & andy-chighway paintball
39-42risenkmfdmcar/gun battle
51-52aisle 10scapegoat waxdave and robin get a room
59-61overdosedj tomcraftkaren at the rave
626 underground (nelee hooper mix)sneaker pimpsomi standing alone

:: chapter two - dose ::
63-68musical responsechemical brotherschapter intro
73-74i married a frenchmanpolysicswarren and robin fight
76i'm on the doublebig in japanwarren chasing robin
80girls like usb-15 projectradek & seth in diner
87fuck the pain awaypeacheskaren & smitty get busy
89almost finescapegoat waxtrev & josh chilling
94-98money money 2020the networkthe street battle begins
99-100i rememberroni size, dj die, krust kado & omi talk
102-104one hundred miles and runningnwaeveryone scrambles
110dopemannwaradek and razi escape
112-114man of steel (aphrodite mix)supermanradek drives to freedom
123-124hungernrgthe funker attacks
132revolution 909daft punkradek patches up robin's arm

:: chapter three - rolling ::
138pikachuapoptygma berzerkchapter intro
141(hey you) what's that soundles rhythmes digitaleskaren hears of the rave
145-146electric wispcomradefrazi and omi meet
151paranoia cha-cha-chathe sovietteswarren tangles with a guard
154scratch in timedj melosmitty loses it
159original jungle soundadam fradek throws it down, oldskool
164-165nowhere to hide, w/ odb, dmx, ozzycystal methodrobin and warren run
171-174cotton woollambrazi & omi spar
179-181latenight revelationporn on betarobin, smitty, warren escape
186-187seventeenladytronrazi and gale talk

:: chapter four - high ::
201-202super disco breakin'beastie boyschapter intro
210the district sleeps alone tonightpostal servicerazi en route to omi's
212-213untitled track 4sigur rosrazi looks at omi's sword
217kung-fu187 lockdownrobin at akutenshi hq
220-224deceptaconle tigrerazi & omi racing
236-243why are we waitingbisddr competition
262shopaholicbissmitty & karen clothes shop
272-273the negotiation lymerick filebeastie boys akutenshi go over blueprints
274jungle drum and bassez-rollersradek & seth
275-276la guitaris house robin tests the funker
288-291vinetarbaurirazi reflects
294-295loop in bluehalourazi & omi watch the sunset

:: chapter five - peak ::
296halcyon+on+onorbitalchapter intro
302high voltageelectric sixparty intro
306-307aerodynamicdaft punkthe rave
323-325supermovesoverseerthe battle
333lazy (bass kittens remix) freezepoprazi watches the tape
347-348breakbeat generationez-rollersthe daring escape

:: chapter six - crash ::
353the cn tower belongs to the deadfinal fantasychapter intro
360-363black rosezeromancermecha fight
388-391lullaby for gaiabttower collapse

:: chapter seven - burnt ::
392suffer in silenceapoptygma berzerkchapter intro
393-394march of the d.i.o. joseph nothing akutenshi funeral
414-420untitled track 1sigur ros ending sequence


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