Character Bios - Kado

- Kado -
:: Tendou Elite ::

First Appearance: page 12

Armed with martial arts and a bad temper, Kado does pretty much as he pleases. He is not entirely accustomed to life in Canada but is having fun setting his own standard. His elite squad of Tendou fight by him as comrades, but the rest of the Tenmei has leanred to both fear and respect him, on and off the streets.
After his encounter with the Oakville kids he has been on a vendetta to reclaim his honor. He sees the incident as an attack from his rival gang, the Akutenshi, whom he yearns to wipe out entirely. He has a particular hatred for Razi. For now he co-operates with his master and the Tenmei's plan, all the while taking the new experimental Noise drug.

Mostly Unknown.
Kado hails from Japan, where he studied under his master, leader of the Tenmei, who now suffers from a severe illness that has left him weak, blind, and progressively worse.
He has some kind of attachement to Omi and is relentless in pursuing her.

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