Character Bio - Karen
- Karen Lovejoy -
:: Mischievious Kandi Slut ::

Karen is your typical jaded teenager, in most respects: she can't stand authority, judges others quickly, and loves to act recklessly. She's pretty bitter towards others sometimes but can also be a big happy ball of raver love. She only takes hassle from her father, CEO of Lovejoy Development. She's particularly fond of Smitty; they've been together for a full two days, making him her longest relationship to date.
Passtimes include shopping, talking shit on web-forums and ingesting letters of the Alphabet.

Karen has no direction in life, but she likes it that way. She follows her dad on business trips. While he's in boardrooms, she's at parties and clubs. Her and her father are staying with the Tenmei for the sake of convenience, and has learned to loath the Akutenshi, especially Omi, whom she wasn't too fond of to begin with.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.