Character Bio - Smitty
- Smitty -
:: Awol Manchild ::

Smitty is by no means a 'mamma's boy', however, he does have to forego certain events in order to appease her (as long as he's under her room). He has learned to accept his mother's rantings, ravings and chore-assigning with a grain of salt. It saves him the trouble of arguing. In fact, he accepts pretty much everything with a grain of salt and is an overall easy-going guy.

Smitty is the youngest of the Oakville Crew, but he's been in Oakville the longest; which probably explains his undying urge to get out of it.
Smitty has shot pretty straight and narrow up until now, but even he has his limits. Once he meets up with Karen its all downhill for his responsibilities. The way she sees it; after decades of obedience, he's earned a break. He's not inclinded to disagree. Might as well brush up on his liquid skills while his in town.

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