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Thomas Lovejoy - r&d mogul

Rank/Position: Lovejoy Development CEO
Age: 53
Height: 5'11
WOC: the almighty dollar
Style: Georgio Armani
Raison d'etre: profit

First Appearance:
page 79

Anyone who knows Thomas Lovejoy will attest to his business tact, grace and genius. Although little can be said of his personal life or his off-hours social graces, no can argue his voracity in an office.

Having set out to rise up the corporate ladder at an early age, Lovejoy had his life very much laid out in advance. At 22, he took over the family construction business. Within a matter of years, he transformed it into a company that not only built entire industrial complexes and residential towers, but that also devoted so much of its time and money to building new technology. Throughout the 90's, taking a queue from American companies, Lovejoy Development designed and tested new military weaponry.
Now a part of TASR Group, LJD gets a massive R&D budget every year to devote to weaponry. The most recent project for LJD is the CMCV contract currently undergoing field tests.
Although he has had little time for a family, his trophy wife was survived by thier daughter Karen, whom, thus far, has proven to be a fair disappointment. Nevertheless, he lets her do basically as she pleases, having given up on her ever taking an interest in business.


:: LJDS ::

- Lovejoy Development Security -
:: the few, the proud, the well paid ::

Rank/Position: varied
Age: 25-45
Height: 5'10"+
Raison d'etre: ensure stability and defense

First Appearance: page 79


These elite guard are hand-picked by Parker, Lovejoy's security chief.
Each one is trained in hand-to-hand combat, as well as riot defense tactics and close-quarters combat.

Each guard is issued a Para-Ordnance .45 (P14 or P12 SemiCompact) semi-automatic sidearm.
All units are trained on heavier weaponry in order to make full use of LJD's small compliment of Diemaco C8's, HK MP5A2's and Franchi SPAS-12's, (recently opened up to the private sector under the new Corporate Development Act legislation) should the need arise.
LJDS has direct access to the latest weaponry Lovejoy R&D produces.

All guards are equipped with a standard L3 mk.II flak vests and L2A light armoured shoulder plating. Guards in riot gear substitute the L2A for L5 battle armour and shoulder plating, L8 armour-plated leg guards and L1 mk.III combat helmet. L9 lower-arm plating is optional.

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