Character Bios - Parker
- Parker -
:: Asshole Security ::

Calculating, determined, ambitious. Parker is the parfect security guard. When not on duty, he's either brushing up on his marksmanship, or honing some other aspect of his career.
Parker doesn't like youths, ravers, street gangs or punks of any kind, so this recent campaign with the Tenmei has him someone aggravated. What's worse is that he has to take orders from someone who doesn't sign his cheques.

Parker worked his way up the chain of command in LoveJoy Development with notable speed, securing the position of security chief. He's been a security guard for LoveJoy Dev. for years. He has picked up some Japanese along the way, which he will often use to speak to Kado or other Tendou to 'make them feel more at home'. Kado just finds it patronising.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.