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Hiroshi Watanabe - strength and adversity
Rank/Position: Tenmei Sensei, command-in-chief
Age: unknown
Height: 5'7
WOC: himself
Style: Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Kung-Fu
Raison d'etre: return to Japan

First Appearance: page 22
Died: page 355

Not much is known of Watanabe. He is of strong character and is looked up to and revered by many. Even in his sickly state he shows strength and is unweavering in his vision of finishing his campaign with the Lovejoy Corporation in order to finally go home.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroshi has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of the martial arts. Under his immediate wing are Kado, Alistair and Hiro, but he is teacher and mentor to the entire Tenmei.
An unknown illness has stricken Watanabe as of late and has rendered him blind, weak and in increasingly worse shape. Fearing the worst is at hand, he has relinquished control of the Tenmei to the Tendou's (the Tenmei's elite command) leader Kado.






:: Shephard ::
:: Tima ::

Shephard - Martial-Arts Medic

As one of the only medics in the Tenmei, Shephard sees plenty of action fixing people up. After dropping out of med-school, he found his way into the Tenmei, and now personally tends to its higher-ups.
First Appearance: page 47

Tima - Wee Asian Leftenant
Tima is one of the Tenmei's three sub-commanders, leading White Team. She is highly skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and weaponry, but serves primarily as Master Watanabe's personal guard now that he is ill.
First Appearance: page 25 Died: page 355

:: Sakura ::
:: Drey ::

Sakura Ohashi - Nikita.jp

This Toronto native is known for her skill with a blade and ranks high in the Tenmei, as a sub-commander, leading Black Team. She was appointed by Kado.
First Appearance: page 190

Drey - Mauser
Born and raised in Scarborough. Drey is a part of the Tenmei's Red Team. His prowess with a firearm is second only to Hiro, amongst the Tenmei. Doesn't talk much.
First Appearance: page 25 Died: page 355

:: Laidman ::
:: n/a ::

Mike Laidman - AWOL Art Student

Apprentice to White Team. Mike has not yet earned a battle rating. He's not sure how he wound up in the Tenmei, but does it on the side while attending art school.
First Appearance: page 190

n/a - n/a

First Appearance: n/a


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