Character Bios - Gale

- Gale -
:: Rebel with a Cause ::
First Appearance: page 137
Died: page 378

A rough, abbrasive exterior is all that most people see of Gale. He is very protective of his fellow Akutenshi and takes his role of leader with the utmost seriousness. His is wise in the ways of the underworld, having been a part of it for so long, and has become very skilled at what he does; gun-play, drug running, extortion, etc...
He does not open up to his men, but still has a pleasant comraderie with them. They know when he means business and take his word as law.

Gale is from Vancouver, BC, born and raised. He is close with Omi, the Akutenshi's unofficial second-in-command.
Gale lives with, and looks after, Warren, the younger brother of a friend from BC.

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