Character Bios - Warren

- Warren Stewart -
:: Disestablishmentarian ::

Age: 18
Height: 5'11
WOC: Louisville Slugger
Favorite Music: Punk
Piercing Count: 8
Raison d'etre: Dissent

First Appearance: page 73

The posterchild for anger-management therapy. Warren is violent, brash and quick to act, as well as being the Akutenshi's youngest member. He can be a real nice guy when he's not pissed-off, but as a hardcore, street-ass punk rocker he tends to spend alot of his time being pissed-off. Fortunately, he never leaves home without a little self-defense and a predisposition to authority.

This kid in question comes all the way from Vancouver and lives with Gale, who promised Warren's older sister he'd look after him.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.