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- UMK 325 mk. I 'Funker' CMCV-
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UMK model 325 mark one - 'Funker' series Converting Mechanized Combat Vehicle

First appearance: page 123

Manufacturer: Lovejoy Research and Development
Designer: UW Ind.
Chassis: UW Type-A Converter 'Super-Light'
Compliment: 1 + 3
Weight (kg) : 1560.0
Height (m): 5.2
Power plant: LJD mk.II 1.21gw FuelCell

Conversion time (s): 3.25
Cruising speed (km/h): 30.0
Maximum speed (km/h): 46.5
Maximum road speed (km/h): 210.0
0- 100 km/h (s): 6.5
Maximum jump (s): 8.0 (approx. 20 m)
Manipulator strength (psi): 250.0
Lifting capacity per arm (kg): 260.0

Armour type: 14mm LJD/C2 level 3 Reactive Glaze
Communications system: Toshiba M556
Targeting & tracking system: UM 'Falkeauge' mk.III
Sensor suite: UM Recon-77

The Funker is the latest mechanized battle unit offered for testing by UW Ind. for the Lovejoy Corporation's bid to for continued project funding.
Specially designed for reconnaissance roles and only light anti-armour combat, design specs lean toward agility, speed and maneuverability rather than resiliance and strength.
Rugged German engineering is evident in the Funker, with its reliance on hydraulic pistons and precise clockwork machinery, rather than the highest grade of technology, giving it the low-tech edge in the event of electrical failures. The excess weight from the mechanical internal structure is made-up with the extra light skeletal super-structure.
As with all CMCVs, conversion equipment and motors leave no extra room for armament, and as such, all weaponry must be weilded using the unit's manipulators. The battle computer recognizes the weaponry in-hand and makes adjustments to firing techniques and stance to compensate. This can be overridden with the manual firing controls, used primarily for precision targetting.
The Funker's only defense, aside from its armour-plating, is its riot shields. Mounted on either forearm, when in battle-mode, are the vehicle mode's rear-passenger doors. These deploy super reinforced dorsal and ventral plating. The battle computer will manuever unoccupied arms with deployed shielding to block any inbound threat.
Quite possibly the most unique feature on the Funker is its VPS (vertical prevarication system). Reactor exhaust is forced out through jets mounted under the dorsal armour, allowing for short, controlled bursts, capable of lifting the Funker several dozen meters up, forward and/or backward, to assist. Though recommended exclusively for tactical retreats, it could also be used for combat purposes.
While CMCVs were designed for speed, agility and stealth over other units, the Funker's advanced sensor suite is what makes it truely valuable as a recon vehicle, particularly its IFF scrambler and signature masking.

This particular unit had its host camouflage ripped from Radek's personal Beamer by mistake after its capture.


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