Technical Readout - The Beamer

- The Beamer -
:: Sim-Simmah!! ::

Bavarian Motor Works - 3 Series Sedan 325i
Production date - April 1984

Engine - 6 cylinders in line
Cubic capacity - 2495
Power (hp/rpm) - 170/5500
Torque (nm/rpm) - 245/3500
Tyres - front/rear 195/65 hr 15
Weight (kg) - 1370
Top speed (km/h) - 231
0 - 100 km/h (s) - 8.0

Purchased second-hand by Radek in highschool, The Beamer has been the primary source of transportation for the Oakville Crew ever since.
Simply referred to as 'The Beamer', it has been equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, lowered suspension, a custom skirt and fuzzy dice.

Radek's relationship with his car sways back and forth between 'best car ever' to 'I gotta sell this fuckin' thing'.

After being shot up by the Tenmei, the Beamer was captured and used to construct the 'Funker' CMCV battlesuit by the Lovejoy Development corporation.