Character Bio - Alistair
- Alistair -
:: Semper Fidelis ::

Fierce, loyal, protective. To think otherwise of Alistair would be na´ve. He is 100% devoted to the Tenmei and yearns for nothing more than its continued prosperity. As second in command of the Tendou, and now the whole of the
Tenmei, it is Alistair's job to keep the men in line and up to speed.
Alistair is very technically-minded which is how he landed the role of CMCV pilot for the Tenmei.
Alistair is Kado's closest comrade and has been spending much of recent time worrying about him.

Alistair may not be Japanese in appearance, but he is every bit as native to the land as Kado himself. He wasn't fond of moving to Canada and he hates having to work with 'outsiders'.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.