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:: Tim ::
:: England ::

Tim Roberts - Cynical Desk Jockey

Tim is the Akutenshi's financial expert. He oversees their expenses and the like. He's usually calm and is
Gale's right-hand-man. Works downtown, smokes a pack a day.
First Appearance: page 69

England - UK Reprzent

This music junkie serves no obvious use to the Akutenshi as a gang, but is always in good spirits and plays good music so no one really notices.
First Appearance: page 137

:: Ryan ::
:: Dirge ::

Ryan - Information is Ammunition
Wheelman, gunner, muscle. A jack-of-all-trades, Ryan has proved invaluable to the Akutenshi, especially with his mechanical skill and tactical know-how.
First Appearance: page 121 Died: page 348

Dirge - Tall, Dark & Elite
Been with the Aku since the beginning. Dirge is one of the only two Akutneshi with any medical knowledge, which makes him rather valuable. Also, he's an elitist scenester.
First Appearance: page 156 Died: page 351

:: Aiden ::
:: n/a ::

Aiden - Suburban Cowboy
Aiden is head of the Aku's activities west of Toronto. He is a friend of Gale and an Oakville native.
First Appearance: page 27 Died: page 37

n/a - n/a

First Appearance: n/a

akutneshi deathcount - fun at home for all ages!

Along the way to glory some of the Akutenshi just aren't going to make it. Below is a comprehensive list of all Aku members going in to battle. Print out these pages and check-off the boxes as they get "decomissioned", or, hell, throw a big red X over their faces!
Currently deserviced Akutenshi are listen in red.

page one - blue (robin), bucket, dwayne, emo, gale, gears, higg, l.t., megan, omi, razi, santos, scott, spatch, twentyfour

page two - brent, breudd, crowe, derek, dirge, england, jeff, jet, kay, rake, ryan, teef, tim, warren, whitey

>>pages are in no particular order


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