Miscellaneous Character List

Below are listed those members of the cast that are neither Akutenshi, Tenmei, primary or secondary characters. They're ravers, clerks, extras and anyone else I deem worthy of a bio pic.

:: Josh ::
:: Trev ::

Josh - Suburban Archetype

Spends his days maxin' and relaxin'. Friend to the Oakville crew, but doesn't do that whole 'rave' thing. Counterpart to Trevor.
First Appearance:
page 13

Trevor - Comedic Stereotype

A little bit of relaxation never hurt anybody. This Oakville resisdent is a man of simple pleasures. Hetero life-mate to Josh
First Appearance: page 13

:: Brad ::
:: Tish ::

Brad - Elite Master Hacker

A whiz with computers and known to make a few bucks under the table. Don't ask, don't tell. Brad is friends with all the Oakville people.
First Appearance: page 18

Patrishia Hicks - Spastic Candy Cartoon

Long-time raving friend of Karen, Tish is bubbly, promiscuous & hyper, to the point where most people can only tollerate bite-sized doses.
First Appearance: page 59

:: Pacman ::
:: Quintron ::

Jeremy aka "Pacman" - wagga wagga wagga

Jeremy is Pac Man. He's had his share of parties and then some. Sketched. 'Pacman' hangs with Karen and her crew.
First Appearance: page 228

Doctor Quintron - mover and shaker

Dr. Quintron is a party promotter. He makes things happen. Misses the "gool ol' days" when people partied for the sake of partying.
First Appearance: page 227

:: Fredrikson ::
:: n/a ::

Sgt. S. Fredrikson - asshole cop

Brash, aggressive, and to-the-point. Make no mistake; S. Fredrikson is a dick
Second heart attack pending.

First Appearance: page 131

n/a - n/a

First Appearance: n/a

Basically an excuse to draw more people...