Sunday, October 15, 2006


NetherOak is over! Long live NetherOak!
all of my future work shall be at

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-----Monday, July 31
NetherOak is over! Long live NetherOak!

But fear not! Out of its ashes comes On this fabulous new website I will host my art and various comics, including my brand new project:

Written by myself, and the hilarious Smitty, GeishaGhost is a rock and roll electric honour marathon of righteous action-comedy, hand squeezed and packed into concentrate with ancient far-east techniques! Do not miss it!

And now, as the sun sets on this site, let me thank everyone who ever linked this comic, even once, everyone who supported me over the years, and all the dozens of people who lent their likenesses for characters. Of course, let me thank my readers. Especially those who stuck it out from the beginning; your patronage meant a lot.

Also, I'd like to say that, yes, the comic ending on page 420 was pure coincidence, even though it does fit into the whole drug-related plot rather nicely.

For awesome comics, go see Mike Laidman, Dave Iseri, Liz Greenfield, John Joseco or Trudy and Danny.


Thanks for reading, these past four years.
-David Razi Dryburgh


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