Character Bio - Seth

- DJ Seth -
:: Psycho Spin Doctor ::

This towering sketchpad of Polish Pride concerns his time with his three passions; music,drugs and sex. As a DJ he has no trouble acquiring any of these. He plays hard trance and jungle, primarily and avoids mainstream events. He's done a bit too much (insert any drug name here) and is convinced that he's the only sane person he knows.

Seth's been there since the beginning of time, as most younger rave kids are convinced. Truth be told, he's only been playing events since about '98. He's aquainted with most of the party gurus and has made quite a name for himself. Ever since the good ol' days, when raving was practically outlawed, Seth has been spinning tracks for the masses.
He lives on his own in Kensington Market in a rent controlled flat. He used to have roommies but they all took off. It's hard to live with a guy who rails-away his paycheque and keeps an eye out for Big Brother.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.