Character Bios - Robin

- Robin -
:: Hardcore Posterchild ::

Robin's not the big dumb jock type, but he's got the balls to back up his words. Moving about the city is just a matter of tackling hurdles one at a time for Robin, no matter how big. He's not about to let some punk-ass gang push him and his friends around, even if they do have freaky ninja kids and a stockpile of guns. He wants to have a good time, dammit, and they're standing in his way.

An art student in Oakville, Robin often retreats to Toronto with his friends for enjoyment. He's pretty laid-back and loves to party, fast and hard, which has a tendency to get him into trouble sometimes. As such, he's bitten off more than he can chew from time to time.


Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.