Character Bios - Hiro
- Hirohito Watanabe -
:: Ninja Gunbunny ::
Rank/Position: Tendou / Red Team Leader
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
WOC: Sig Sauer Pro
Favorite Music: Drum and Bass
Raison d'etre: Action

First Appearance: page 25
Died: page 364

Every gang has its sharpshooter. Hiro is the most carefree of the Tendou. He's happy as long as he gets to shoot things. He's skilled on all forms of weaponry and loves excercising his talent. He's pretty morbid and has a low value of the human life. He doesn't really have anything against the Akutenshi; they just make great targets!

Hiro's been with the Tenmei since its infancy. Master Watanabe recognized his abilities and started him on arms training early-on. He was the only Tendou member eager to move to Canada and has taken quickly to North American culture.

Characters bio details will increase as the comic progresses.